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Yiwu Qiamu "Tea Horse Road" Pu-erh 2006


  • Flavor: Dried apricot, butterscotch, wet rocks
  • Color: Gold
  • Aroma: Peach cobbler, maple
  • The “Tea Horse Road” was a big piece to the history of Chinese tea and Pu-erh production methods in Yunnan. During the time of its use in the early 10th century, Song dynasty tea makers would travel from Yunnan to Tibet with heavy loads of tea on their back. Once their they would trade for ponies which they would bring back to Yunnan. To maximize the journey the tea was pressed in to cakes giving it a very easily portable shape giving way to the classic Pu-erh cake (beencha).

    This beencha pays respect to those first teas carried on the backs of donky’s and tea makers. A perfect example of what tea tasted like over 1000 years ago and a perfect tea to make spectacular kombucha with.

    Beginning with a nose that carries with it the smell of freshly baked peach cobbler and maple, gives way to a pallet of dried apricot, butterscotch and the minerality of wet rocks. Nothing quite beets a perfect Sheng Pu-erh tea for kombucha brewing. Enjoy!


    Quantities available (Limit 1 cake per customer):

    • 357 grams of tea (29 x 1 gallon brew) wrapped in printed rice paper

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