Welcome to Kombucha Brooklyn!



Eric Childs - CEO and Founder of Kombucha BrooklynEric Childs, Founder and CEO

A product of an international childhood Eric founded KBBK under the stairs of his (and roommates) apartment in South Williamsburg. With no local option but fueled by on shelves ‘buch, Eric brought both delicious and potent non-alcoholic kombucha to market. What started as 16oz bottles has fermented in to a complete home brew supplies line and keg program. Wanting to create a high quality of life while striving to make a difference, KBBK is constantly guided by the idea of bringing the highest quality products to market in the most sustainable way. An avid longboarder, juggler, and aquarium/terrarium keeper, Eric is also known as Kombuchman or ‘Buchman for short.

Jessica Childs - Co-FounderJessica ChildsCo-Founder

Jessica is a published molecular biologist and die-hard foodie. Holding a Bachelor of Science from Bard College and a Chefs Training Certificate from the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC, it’s not surprising she would dedicate herself to where these two passions intersect : fermented foods! Jessica’s fearless kombucha adventures have opened the doors to a whole new way of looking at kombucha. From cooking with it in the kitchen to beauty treatments in bathroom and everywhere in between, Jessica is showing the world that kombucha’s not just for drinking, but for THRIVING!

Billy Stewart - Kombucha Brooklyn Keg MasterWilliam Stewart, Kegmaster & Operations Manager

Billy loves all things fermented, from 'buch to craft beer. When not working at Eataly's La Birreria, or in the Buch Lab, you can find me somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of NY.


Will Donnelly, Wholesale Manager & Web Admin

Will is a New York food business entrepreneur and a professional chef. He is enthusiastic about anything fermented, the smaller things in life, and making all things work.



Jon Lane, DemoGod & Road Specialist

a Kansan drummer thoroughly in love with this borough, Jon brought Chris Strait to Brooklyn, and Chris brought him to Kombucha Brooklyn.
When he's not piloting the Buchmobile, or spreading the gospel of KBBK to the uninitiated, he can be found playing in multiple bands, teaching lessons, teching tv shoots, scouring Brooklyn for amazing food, or quite possibly just strolling around with his adorable pitbull.

Chris Strait, SCOBY Farmer, Head Brewer & Class Instructor


is a longtime kombucha enthusiast and flavor manipulator. Uprooted from Kansas to pursue music in Brooklyn, he joined KBBK as a SCOBY Farmer and has since grown into many different roles, including Head Brewer and Class Instructor. Chris's favorite teas include yerba maté, Golden Monkey, and medium-oxidized oolongs. Favorite 'buch: all varieties of Jun, Jasmine Green, Spruce Lee, and maté-white.


Anna Kurihara - Accounting

Anna Kurihara, Bookkeeper

Anna loves traveling and connecting with people about food over food. When she is not daydreaming about her next backpacking trip, she can be found taking photographs, homebrewing, cooking for friends, and exploring NYC.