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For SCOBY claims, enter your kit code in the discount code box during checkout and we will send it out free. If you are purchasing other items, the shipping price for the culture will be discounted from your grand total. CORRECT PRICE will be reflected only after code has been entered.

For all of you home brewers out there who just need another mother to get your buch flowing again, we've got you covered. KBBK SCOBYs come straight from our brewery where kombucha magic happens! Made fresh every week, our SCOBYs have been bred and selected to make perfect 'buch every time

If you are claiming your free culture outside of the US: Please be aware that you will have to pay the additional postage cost for a USPS Small Flat Rate Box upon checkout. For more info, please see our Shipping Policy Page.

A KBBK Scoby comes with enough starter to brew your first 1-gallon batch. If you are looking to brew more than 1 gallon immediately, buy additional SCOBY(s) to help boost your batch (1 SCOBY per gallon). Otherwise, wait until you have enough successive cultures through brewing to brew in larger batches.

Lastest Reviews

Jars and bottles everywhere!
Review by Nannerz on 9/19/14
I am a brewing queen! I have a Jun started!
Review by RED on 9/17/14
Only place I turn to get my 'Buch brew going
Kambucha Is the Best
Review by Alta on 8/31/14
I been using the tea for years and experimenting with it
I have used in the swimming pool in a matter of minutes
my swimming pool turn blue in the fish tank but only a few drops
never had to clean the fish tank again
and on burn pain goes away and do not make a buble in the
skin I was cooking one day and burn myself and used the scorby
right away the pain was gone
The best comes from here.
Review by jpavlov on 7/15/14
Thanks for being my go-to place for purchasing the scoby. It has been almost a year since I have brewed a batch.
Every day is Mother's Day
Review by Sproutfinch on 6/1/14
Have just done a few batches of buch with my young mother and she's very clearly doing quite well. Very pleased with this healthy & sturdy SCOBY
Review by GUNDY on 1/31/14
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