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Jun “Honey” SCOBY

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Jun “Honey” SCOBY and SCOBY Claims

Jun “Honey” SCOBY

Believed to have originated in the Himalayan mountains, Jun is a special kombucha culture that feeds on honey rather than sugar. The result is a mouth-coating, mead-like kombucha with an unforgettable flavor - from which you may never look back! This is an excellent move toward sustainable 'buch, as you can easily source local honey and explore the nuances of your region's terroir. We find that lesser-oxidized teas tend to make the most pleasant Jun. Our Jun SCOBYs are made fresh every week with local honey and fair-trade, organic teas.

A KBBK Scoby comes with enough starter to brew your first 1-gallon batch. If you are looking to brew more than 1 gallon immediately, buy additional SCOBY(s) to help boost your batch (1 per 1 gallon approx). Otherwise, wait until you have enough successive cultures through brewing to brew in larger batches.

If you are claiming your free culture outside of the US: Please be aware that you will have to pay the additional postage cost for a USPS Small Flat Rate Box upon checkout. For more info, please see our Shipping Policy Page.

Lastest Reviews

Great product!
Review by Rach on 8/11/14
I bought a Jun starter from Kombucha Brooklyn about 4 months ago and have been making delicious Jun since then. I haven't had any issues. This is my first try with kombucha, so I don't have anything to compare it too, but the process to make it is easy enough!
Excited to try this!
Review by DB on 8/2/14
I've been making mead (honey wine) from the honey from my beehives and am excited to try Jun tea. Glad that I found this, while searching "honey Kombucha". If things go as well as I suspect, Jun might become a regular drink in the house!
Your missing out if you havent tried this!...Very healthy; extremely tasty.
Review by Chris on 5/18/14
I am a little over one year into my 'butch making adventures, so I decided to pick up a Jun scoby and see what all the fuss was about regarding this Honey elixir.

Totally worth the "online fuss." I say "online" mostly because of the 'butch forums where the fuss seems to be. This is literally just as simple and easy to make as regular 'butch. Just replace sugar for honey, use green tea, and you're off to a great start! I was scared away initially because of all of the "fuss" online regarding the scarcity and supposedly stringent rules for making Jun. I read an article where an "expert" claimed I had to make it at 60 F and in anaerobic yourself, and when in doubt ask the supplier for help - these guys were great to me. I was able to get help over the phone and through emailing a couple pictures.

After coming here, buying a scoby and talking to the guys at kbbk, I realized that there is no mystery surrounding Jun other than why more people haven't already hopped on board. Regular 'butch will always have its place but this stuff is a real treat! good luck!
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