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 Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern and Kombucha Brooklyn Andrew Zimmern visited Kombucha Brooklyn to get to know SCOBYs a little better - by eating them.




Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, 2014



 9.99 With Dave Evans and Kombucha Brooklyn Kombucha Brooklyn on $9.99 with Dave Evans!




$9.99 With Dave Evans, 2014

 Experience Life Kombucha Brooklyn "This kit from Kombucha Brooklyn contains everything you need to create your own

endlessly giving bacterial “mother,” and it pays for itself in about two brews."


Experience Life, June 2014




Ryori Tsushin KBBK"Kombucha Kit."






Ryori Tsushin (The Cuisine Magazine), May 2014






Marie Claire KBBK"The Deal: Kombucha Brooklyn's Basic Home Brew Kit ($45; kombuchabrooklyn.com)

lets you concot the trendy, fizzy, fermented tea packed with digestion-aiding probiotics."



Marie Claire, April, 2014




 NYMAG KBBK"Meet the Makers."  




New York Magazine, April 2012



New York Times Kombucha Brooklyn"On the day a reporter visited, employees of Kombucha Brooklyn were packaging kits for

the homebrewed tea as the owner’s 9-month-old son toddled among the boxes, his mother

helping him along. The small-business owners envision a factory where they can collaborate

on new products, pool resources to lower distribution costs and share equipment."


New York Times, March 2012





Wall Street Journal Kombucha Brooklyn "Eric Childs, whose company KBBK Kombucha Brooklyn produces the tea in a variety of flavors, says

he delivers kegs to nearly 30 restaurants, bars and cafes across the city." 



Wall Street Journal, January 2012





New York Post Kombucha Brooklyn"Eric Childs of Kombucha Brooklyn, says he got a major boost from the contest. “It’s definitely

helped our growth,” says Childs, who’ll serve as a judge this year.“They took our young brand and

turned it into something a lot more mature.”"


New York Post, January 2011






New York Post Kombucha Brooklyn“The heart of Brooklyn is in every single bottle,” he says passionately. “I think I did the

most Brooklyn thing — to figure out how to make a product and make it happen.”



New York Post, July 2010




Antenna KBBK"This 24-year-old entrepeneuer is taking a shot at reviving an ancient healing drink in the heart

of Brooklyn."



 Antenna Magazine, Summer 2010



Whole Living KBBK"We invited Rick Miller from Kombucha Brooklyn to our offices to mix up a batch and explain

howyou get from tea to bubbly beverage. Making your own kombucha allows you to customize

the taste,and it's more economical. (Bottled kombucha runs from $2 to $5 a bottle.)"

Body+Soul, January/February 2010 






Time Out New York Kombucha Brooklyn"At Greenpoint's best growler-filling station, you can detox from beer with a tap-poured

pint of Kombucha Brooklyn's naturally fizzy, fermented tea, a restorative tonic packedwith

live cultures."



Time Out New York, December 2009