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Home Brew Super Kit

Home Brew Super Kit

This kit is for those who want to start with A-level kombucha brewing digs right off the bat. Make impressive kombucha on the first try, impress your friends, and spread the ‘buch love! And don't forget to add on some 32-oz Growlers to make bottling your brew much easier!


  • 1-gallon glass brew jar
  • 3 brews worth of tea and sugar
  • temperature strip
  • SCOBY with liquid starter
  • organic cotton cloth cover
  • choice of Blue Ginger, Mango, or Raspberry flavoring for 2 gallons

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Lastest Reviews

Review by Andrew on 11/30/14
The staff was incredibly pleasant, check out was a breeze. The kit is very comprehensive, as I would have hoped. Instructions are precise and easy to follow.I bought a gallon of spring water to start my first batch, boiled the water steeped the tea mixed the sugar and off it went. I left it to ferment just a little to long, (longer than recommended in the instructions) and it tasted slightly of vinegar. After adding the blueberries and ginger and the longest wait of my life the brew was delicious! Currently on the second batch which I will keep a closer eye on. Highly recommend the gallon as it goes quickly :).
Review by Shana on 10/26/14
This kit was perfect for me being a newbie brewer. It took all the guess work out of it. Scoby was in super condition.
I pay a lot of attention to the temperature so very glad temp strip was included.
Outstanding All Around
Review by Kaylyn on 9/28/14
This kit is wonderful! It is a great size for the new brewer -- size able enough to be worth the effort, small enough to be manageable. Even necessary component is included and thoroughly explained. Shipping to Chicago was fast and nothing was scratched, not the jar, not the growlers. I highly recommend investing in the Kombucha! book that Eric and Jessica have written. It has highly informative, in-depth explanations, troubleshooting, recipes, etc., and is a great companion purchase.
Review by Allie on 8/25/14
This along with the online video was fail proof for a first time brewer.
Great way to get started
Review by Deb on 8/25/14
Very easy way to get started-almost foolproof. :)
Everything you need in the box!
Review by Cara on 7/14/14
This kit takes the guess work out of Kombucha. Everything needed for your first batch is in the box! The pre-measured packets assist to make this as error proof as possible. And an added bonus is the visual handholding available via the blog as it allows you to compare pictures of your brew to see what is "normal" -- very reassuring for this beginner!!!
Exciting first brew!
Review by Alan on 6/19/14
Got the Home Brew Super Kit and brewed the very same day.Also got the book and its not only fun to read,but easy to understand.Pure fun.Looking forward to drinking my first homemade "Buch". The kit is excellent!
Complete and easy
Review by Sheepy on 5/18/14
I found this kit to be the perfect kit to start brewing at home. It took all of the guess work out of the process
I'm one happy buch beginner!
Review by Lauren on 5/12/14
This kit is awesome! Even as a beginner, I've been able to successfully brew two batches of delicious buch. The book is also extremely helpful in giving really detailed instructions, troubleshooting, and suggesting other fun flavors. I experimented with straight up buch, the flavor packets, lemon honey ginger, and flavored tea infusions, and they were all delicious! :)
Best Bet for Beginners
Review by Holly T. on 5/9/14
I was debating between this kit or diving straight into a 2 gallon crock kit, knowing that everyone in my household will want some home-brewed kombucha, but I decided to go with this one because I was a little bit wary of getting in over my head. However, this kit made brewing super simple and after a few brews I feel perfectly comfortable upgrading to a 2 or 3 gallon crock for brewing!
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