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Jun Honey Brew Kit

Jun Honey Brew Kit

This kit is your ticket to cutting out sugar in your brewing. We're providing the jun culture, a 1-gallon glass brew jar, organic cotton cloth cover, temperature strip, and a great reusable nylon mesh bag for brewing loose-leaf teas. And with 5 brews worth of Organic Dragonwell Green Tea, and 5 brews worth of Goldenrod Honey, you'll be set for weeks of mind-blowing Jun. Guaranteed to convert 'buch non-believers!

Believed to have originated in the Himalayan mountains, Jun is a special kombucha culture that feeds on honey rather than sugar. The result is a mouth-coating, mead-like kombucha with an unforgettable flavor - from which you may never look back! This is an excellent move toward sustainable 'buch, as you can easily source local honey and explore the nuances of your region's terroir. We find that lesser-oxidized teas tend to make the most pleasant Jun. Our Jun SCOBYs are made fresh every week with local honey and fair-trade, organic teas.


  • 1-gallon glass brew jar
  • 100% organic cotton cover with rubber band
  • temperature strip
  • 1 reusable nylon mesh bag
  • 5 brews worth of Organic Dragonwell green tea
  • 5 brews worth of NY state Goldenrod honey (32 oz)
  • jun SCOBY culture and liquid starter
  • very detailed instructions

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Lastest Reviews

Amazing product and customer service!
Review by Court on 1/20/15
So I just ordered this Jun brew kit on Sunday and already received it! It's Tuesday, and I only choose standard UPS ground. Although I am located in central NY so it didn't have too far to go. But very impressed at the speed of processing and shipment! I just began my first batch and while I can't say anything about the finished product yet, everything seemed like high quality products. There was also a hand written note on my receipt saying happy brewing! : )
Review by Jackie on 8/19/14
After visiting a lot of other Kombucha dealers on the web, KBBK was the 1st and only to introduce me to Jun! Honey and Green Tea, it's like a match made in heaven! Thanks Kombucha Brooklyn!
Yum Yum Yum!
Review by Angel on 7/3/14
I've been brewing Jun for just over a year. It has a smooth taste and is much easier to keep the flavor and tartness consistent from batch to batch. I haven't brewed traditional Kombucha since starting. It also brews much after which is good only making around a gallon every week or so. Thanks KBBK for this!
Can I train Kombucha to be Jun?
Review by talebi on 6/29/14
In the name of Allah,
Hello and thank you for your informative site. I am writing to you from Iran. We managed to buy kefir grains a few months ago and it's magnificent. But the only SCOBY that I could find for sale was Kombucha. They do not seem to offer the Jun version which works with green tea and honey.
Can I buy a kombucha scoby and accustom it to the new diet of green tea and honey?
I will be most thankful for your help.
Wonderful, delicate taste!
Review by TDG on 5/17/14
I was excited to hear about Jun tea because I've always wanted to use honey when brewing kombucha. This kit was perfect! It has everything you need to make a perfect Jun brew.
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