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Jun Honey Brew Kit

Jun Honey Brew Kit

This kit is your ticket to cutting out sugar in your brewing. We're providing the jun culture, a 1-gallon glass brew jar, organic cotton cloth cover, temperature strip, and a great reusable nylon mesh bag for brewing loose-leaf teas. And with 5 brews worth of Organic Gunpowder Green Tea, and 5 brews worth of Goldenrod Honey, you'll be set for weeks of mind-blowing Jun. Guaranteed to convert 'buch non-believers!

Believed to have originated in the Himalayan mountains, Jun is a special kombucha culture that feeds on honey rather than sugar. The result is a mouth-coating, mead-like kombucha with an unforgettable flavor - from which you may never look back! This is an excellent move toward sustainable 'buch, as you can easily source local honey and explore the nuances of your region's terroir. We find that lesser-oxidized teas tend to make the most pleasant Jun. Our Jun SCOBYs are made fresh every week with local honey and fair-trade, organic teas.

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