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Basic Home Brew Kit


An easy, fun and cost-effective kit for making your very own kombucha at home! Everything you need to make your own delicious and healthful kombucha.


  • 1/2-gallon glass brew jar
  • 100% organic cotton cover with rubber band
  • temperature strip
  • 1 tea bag of KBBK's black, green and white tea blend
  • 1/2 cup organic evaporated cane sugar
  • SCOBY culture and liquid starter
  • very detailed instructions

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Customer Reviews (20)

All you need to brew great Kombucha foreverReview by The Obsesssion Begins
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I have been using this kit exclusively to brew my Kombucha since my first batch three years ago. All i have added is a little heat pad from this website and a repurposed fleece neck band that fits perfecly around the brew jar. It is a great deal high quality. I would buy it again even as s a gift and recommend it to anyone who wants to start brewing. (Posted on 6/4/2016)
EasyReview by Raven
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I've been consuming Kombucha by the 16 oz bottle for weeks and decided that it may just be cost effective to brew my own. I'm sure after the initial investment it will be. This kit has simple straightforward instructions. I hit a small glitch and emailed these folks and received prompt assistance from Kevin. I'm now on my way to buch heaven!!!! (Posted on 5/18/2016)
First timerReview by Stacie
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I ordered this kit from amazon and claimed my SCOBY and away I brewed. The instructions are simple and easy to follow. The kit comes with everything you need to get started. I am totally hooked and ready to second ferment my first batch of buch. Super excited. This kit is a gateway to the wonderful wide world of making your own kombucha. . (Posted on 4/5/2016)
Great Starter Kit!Review by Kim
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I've made Kombucha before, but have moved and could not revive my SCOBY that traveled from NY to Tx with me. All I really needed was the SCOBY, but for the price to also have ingredients, temp strip and a nice SCOBY hotel seemed like a good deal to me. So easy!! Great instructions and what makes this invaluable is the phone support from the Kombucha Brooklyn staff. GREAT product and thanks for being there! (Posted on 3/3/2016)
Perfect setup for beginners Review by Ashley
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This little kit has everything you need and everything is pre measured which makes it super easy to start your own brew! I am so excited to have happened upon this kit and look forward to a lifetime of brewing. This kit comes highly recommended from me! (Posted on 2/25/2016)
Excellent!Review by cat147
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First time 'buch brewer and this kit made it easy! I'm addicted and hope to never buy kombucha premade in the store ever again. :)
The flavors are delicious and instructions were easy to follow. I'm ordering more flavors and teas and the "thief" so I can test as it brews. So fun!! (Posted on 12/6/2015)
Great StartReview by NZ2
How do you rate this product?
Love this kit!
Great for starting out the pieces are tried and true so even after upgrading a few things (larger vessel was the first upgrade for me) I can still use all the pieces! Even better - the kits are affordable, high quality and come with such great customer service. I will definitely be purchasing more from KB - I have my eyes on the Pro Bottling system next! I did buy the book along with this starter kit and I can definitely say you should take advantage of the 25% off and buy it - it's a great reference tool and makes your first brew nearly impossible to mess up. (Posted on 8/31/2015)
Great KitReview by Mike
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Bought this kit at a local Natural Foods market and it has everything you need to get started and great instructions. (Posted on 8/25/2015)
awesomely easyReview by c2
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First time homebrewer who hates cooking. I found this easy and painless. Ready to upgrade to get my homebrew larger. Yes. Dont be scared if i can do this you can too. (Posted on 8/4/2015)
First time brewer Review by Cory
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This was my first time brewing Kombucha and this kit made it easy. Jar is a good size though I plan on upgrading to a larger size eventually. (Posted on 6/14/2015)
Kombucha brewerReview by Vegas Angel
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I'm so glad I bought this kit. My original SCOBY has evolved into a healthy Kombucha machine maker. A baby will form on your first batch, but it won't be very thick. I didn't separate the baby until it was at least 1/8 inches thick which only took 3 batches.
I love watching my SCOBY dance around at the beginning of the brew. (Posted on 3/6/2015)
Great first kit!Review by Rebecca
How do you rate this product?
I am really enjoying brewing my first batch of Kombucha! My SCOBY is doing well and is forming a baby! I really enjoy the clear directions that are given on the box for what you get. The kit literally comes with everything that you need. My only recommendation is that you might want to get the kit with a larger jar, unless you want the half gallon like me :) I plan on using it as my SCOBY hotel after I get a couple gallons going.

Great kit makes making your first brew super easy! (Posted on 2/25/2015)
How do you rate this product?
I love kombucha, and I have been thinking about brewing my own as a hobby (also because it's so expensive otherwise). I ordered it off of Fresh Direct 2 days ago, and now I am just waiting to see what happens! :) (Posted on 1/22/2015)
Great kit to get you startedReview by Sarah
How do you rate this product?
I received this kit as a gift. I just finished brewing my first batch and I'm starting the second. This kit made everything so easy. (Posted on 1/6/2015)
Great product!Review by Cole
How do you rate this product?
Brewing in my new kit as i speak! I may even buy another bigger kit! (Posted on 10/6/2014)
ExcellentReview by Bryanne
How do you rate this product?
This kit worked great for me to start brewing kombucha. I am thinking about upgrading to a bigger container, love it! (Posted on 9/10/2014)
Just Perfect!Review by Erik
How do you rate this product?
I am really happy with this kit. I was able to make my first batch of Kombucha without a problem thanks to the pre-measured items. It tasted fantastic! I just completed my second batch and it is under 2nd-fermentation. I liked it so much, I think I am going to upgrade to a bigger jar, now! (Posted on 9/7/2014)
Great Starter Kit Review by Alexis
How do you rate this product?
So happy with this kit to start off with. I love Kombucha, but was unsure if I would mess it up brewing at home. It was so easy.The kit was so easy to follow and I am looking forward to purchasing more supplies for regular brewing!

Thank you Kombucha Brooklyn for all of your help! (Posted on 7/30/2014)
great product!Review by tv
How do you rate this product?
I bought this kit about a month ago and love it! So far I've brewed 3 batches and my 4th is currently brewing. The kit came quickly and included everything to immediately start a brew. I also ordered a growler and litmus paper. I am fascinated by the kombucha process and love watching it! I would recommend this product! (Posted on 2/24/2014)
Excellent Customer ServiceReview by Kat
How do you rate this product?
Got this as a gift from my boyfriend's sister for Christmas...
The scoby code didn't work, but I emailed the team and they responded me within 2 minutes! Lightning speed!

They are so accommodating. I can't wait to use it :) (Posted on 1/23/2014)

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