Kombucha On Tap


What better way to get your ‘buch on than from the taps!

We think so. Throughout the year KBBK kegs up multiple different flavors to pair with the season or demand. Because the ability to flavor single batches we are able to produce unique and even custom flavors for accounts. KBBK ‘buch is currently on tap at grocery stores, cafes, bars, and restaurant around Manhattan and Brooklyn.


Please email liquiddistribution@kombuchabrooklyn.com for more information.








See the On Tap Map below!



Kombucha Brooklyn's 12oz Bottle Line


We have taken great care in developing a tried-and-true recipe for all of our kombucha brewing. We carry five different bottle flavors and a wide and ever-changing variety flavored kegs. Both are available to wholesale accounts in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region.


Kombucha Brooklyn Bottles


We know what’s up with flavoring. After much thought and many trials, we chose five flavors: 

Straight Up – Kombuchman's signature kombucha. Brewed with care and blended to perfection, Straight-Up is like putting noise-canceling headphones on your soul.


Red Ginger – Our craft-brewed kombucha with a kick of ginger and the brightness of sweet red strawberries. Let this refreshment spice up your day or sweeten your evening.


Watermelon – Our signature craft-brewed kombucha skinny dipping in a pool of watermelon juice...with a slice of lime. Get your party on! It’s always summer in this bottle!


Grape – Our craft-brewed kombucha fused with sun-kissed Concord grapes. Reduce the distortion, let our Grape Equalizer balance your yin and yang. Enjoy ice cold on a hot day.

Blue-Green – Our craft-brewed kombucha with a dose of blue-green algae and cordyceps mushrooms. Elevating your defenses and stamina to a whole new level, this is a great way to start your day or to revitalize when you're feeling under the weather.


Bottles are available for wholesale purchase. Please email, sales@kombuchabrooklyn.com for more information.