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24 g / 2 brews Imperial Pu-Erh

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48 g / 4 brews Imperial Pu-Erh

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72 g / 6 brews Imperial Pu-Erh

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UPC: imperial-pu-erh-tea

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Imperial Pu-Erh Tea

Imperial Pu-Erh Tea

This ripe pu-erh is stored in a humidity controlled environment, which culminates in accelerated aging and maturation. As a result, this is an incredibly rich, naturally sweet, mellow tea.

As much a kombucha for intellectual as well as sensory exploration, notes of damp earth, mushrooms, corn cob and forest floor permeate the palate. This rich tea has a very deep black-red liquor that will make a dark SCOBY.

Considered a highly medicinal tea with cholesterol-fighting and digestive benefits, brewing this tea into kombucha (SCOBYs feed vigorously on this tea) will be sure to be a satisfying and functional brew.

Quantities available:
  • 24 grams (2 x 1 gallon brews)
  • 48 grams (4 x 1 gallon brews)
  • 72 grams (6 x 1 gallon brews)

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