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1 Gallon Glass Brew jar

1-Gallon Glass Brew jar

At Kombucha Brooklyn, we have been brewing delicious and healthful kombucha for years. We've learned a thing or two along the way and one of those things is that kombucha really likes to have a particular surface-to-volume ratio. Too scientific? Well, just take our word for it: Your home-brew will be quite at home in our hand-selected 1 gallon glass jar!  

Ships with screw top cover. 

This is the same jar that we supply in all of our 1-gallon Kombucha Home Brew Kits. Makes an excellent replacement, or if you want to expand your brewing capabilities, jump into a second or a third jar!

Lastest Reviews

Perfect size
Review by Ryan on 8/2/15
This jar is the perfect size for 7 16 oz bottles of kombucha every 7 days.
bought from amazon, this thing is GREAT
Review by Andrew on 3/6/15
Very solid and well crafted glassware. It is very easy to clean and rinse, and is a very nice size. Highly recommended
Perfect for a Newbie
Review by nicolette on 2/2/15
This jar is great. I love that it comes with a lid so that, in the future, when I upgrade I can use the jar for bulk storage or something.
Great starter!
Review by Izziofthedesert on 8/27/14
I love my gallon jar, it got me started six or so months ago, and I haven't stopped brewing since. I'm upgrading to a ceramic crock, and keeping my gallon jar for experimental brews...or as a scoby hotel. It's easy for me to manage even when full (I'm petite, 5 ft) and I store it in my cupboard where it is away from light. Very glad I purchased this from KBBk.
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