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Brewers Heat Mat, Small

Brewer's Heat Mat, Small

This 5-watt heat mat sits underneath your 1-Gallon Brew Jar keeping it nice and warm...but not too warm! Monitor the temperature for the first 24 hours to ensure that you have struck the right balance. If need be, you can put the whole setup in the box that your Home Brew Kit came it for another layer of insulation!

We use ours year-round and have a perfect brew going all the time.

Lastest Reviews

Review by Andrew on 3/6/15
This thing is absolutely crucial. This winter has been rough, and my place hasn't been keeping the buch warm enough. This lil guy makes it possible to brew in the cold months. On especially cold night, I wrap the brewing vessel in a hoodie. Works great!
Helpful to keep the temperature just right
Review by Rebecca on 2/26/15
At night our house gets down to 70 degrees and I know our stone counter tops get even colder. This heating pad has been keeping my Kombucha temperature just right at night!
Worry Free Buch
Review by nicolette on 2/2/15
It's nice knowing that when I leave the back door open for my dog, that the temp of my buch wont fluctuate too much. I wish you could control the heat setting. Maybe even just two settings: high / low. But that's about it. I could always get a dimmer and rig my own system.
Review by Sheila on 11/20/14
i bought one for my mother as well. Tried on my 2 gallon jar and it didn't budge the temp, added the second one and it still has only raised about 3 degrees. Bummer!
thank u for telling me exactly how this works I have been looking for 1
Review by adam on 10/28/14
thank you for telling me exactly what this does I have been looking for a heat mat this is the best one I have seen.
Happy buch!
Review by Lauren on 10/22/14
This made my brew much healthier and definitely sped up my brew time. Pairs well with the temp. strip so you can monitor what's going on in there.
works and is less expensive than other advertised heaters
Review by j0 on 4/22/14
My scoby was noticeably happier with the extra heat, and grew thicker. People are always saying just leave the kombucha batch on top of the fridge cuz its warmer up there but the new fridges are more insulated and don't heat up the top like the old ones did. Mine is still on top of the fridge but only so it's out of the way. It's a good deal... you don't need a 40$ wraparound job.
Review by Lily on 1/17/14
Love this product!
Eh...could be a lot better.
Review by Kait on 1/11/14
This heat mat works okay and could probably be made from material purchased at Home Depot. I think it would work better if the mat was a little more rectangular shaped and actually fit under the jar.

The mat does not keep the brew at 78 degrees. It does keep the brew 7-10 degrees warmer than the ambient temperature. I live in New England with oil heat so in the wintertime my house is kept at around 57 degrees. I am happy that this mat increases the temperature of my brew to between 66 and 68 degrees but extremely disappointed it does not do more than that, as advertised. I would return this if I had paid more for it.

If you keep your house around between 65 and 70 degrees, then this mat is for you. But then again if your house is that warm to begin with, you don't really need this mat.

Save your frustration and money, buy the thermal wrap.
Review by steven budrow on 12/27/13
We love this stuff!
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