Here are the nuts and bolts of kombucha fermentation. Take a look through our selection of fine brewing implements to aid you in your quest for perfect kombucha.



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  • 100% Organic Cotton Cloth Cover

    Don't forget to cover your brew! Available in all sizes.

  • Temperature Indicator Strip

    An important parameter for home brewers, the temperature that you ferment at determines not only how rapidly your brew develops but also is a tool to designing your perfect brew.

  • Giant Mesh Tea Ball

    Great for loose tea brews from 1-5 gallons. At the lab we use this for our 5 gallon and multiple steep brews. Comes with a long hook chain to attach to the side of your brewing vessel.

  • pH Strips

    With the ability to test the pH (and hence acidity) of your brews, you’ll never see a brew get too sassy again!


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  • Brewer's Heat Mat, Small

    This 5-watt heat mat slides perfectly underneath your 1-Gallon Brew Jar keeping it nice and warm...but not too warm!

  • Pro-Brewer Package

    For thousands of years, people have consumed kombucha, a sweetened tea elixir, for its delicious effervescent taste and reported health benefits. Kombucha Brooklyn brings this ancient recipe to life in YOUR home with the Kombucha Pro Brewer Package.

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