Don’t let primary fermentation be the end of your game. Further enhance your brew with a secondary round of fermentation in the bottle for extra za-z-z-zing!


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  • Pro-Bottler Package

    It’s packed with six growlers and two packets each of Mango, Blueberry-Ginger, and Raspberry to take your kombucha homebrew to the next level.

  • Bottling Auto Siphon

    This genius contraption will help you move your home-brewed 'buch from the brew vessel into growlers or other bottles efficiently, easily and without any mess.


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  • 32 oz Amber Growler – Case of 12

    These 32-oz growlers are perfect for two to drink in a day. If you are having a dinner party, they will serve four 8-oz servings.

  • 32oz Amber Growler Bottle

    For years, Kombucha Brooklyn fans have come out on sunny Sundays and breezy Saturdays to meet us at New York City's open-air markets and grab one of these growlers filled to the brim with their favorite fresh kombucha!

  • Growler Grabber

    Take your home brew on the road with this growler bottle sling. These are custom-made to fit our 32-oz growlers. The material is recycled polypro from the production of sandals,  thanks to our friends at Nomadic State of Mind.

  • Yeast Strainer / Tea Strainer

    This stainless steel yeast strainer is great for catching those long yeast strands before going in to the bottle.

  • Glass Carboy Marker

    Making labeling your brews a cinch, this red glass marker is the most painless way to save your ‘buch from anonymity.

  • Airlock with #6 Bung

    Did you know that you can make properly alcoholic kombucha with just a few additions to the process?

  • Half-Gallon Carboy

    Bottle up your 'buch with style and volume!

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