Father's Day

It's not just about mothers at KBBK! If you're looking for great gifts for this Father's Day, look no further.


And if you're in New York City or nearby, why not sign up for a class and learn a skill that you'll both never forget.

Happy Father's Day, and as always - happy brewing!

Father's Day

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  • 12-oz KBBK Glass

    The 12-oz pour of these KBBK glasses is the perfect size to quench your thirst

  • Home Brew Super Kit

    This kit is for those who want to start acing kombucha brewing right off the bat.

  • Jun Honey Brew Kit

    This kit is your ticket to cutting out sugar in your brewing.

  • KBBK Brand Shirts

    KBBK's got a style, and some new stlyin tees. Super comfy, bold design.

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