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    Please take a moment to read our basic guidelines when contacting us through our website, as this information will help us process your requests much quicker.


SCOBY Claim Issues:

If your SCOBY redemption code is not working - Please email us your full name and address, along with your redemption code.

If your kit is without a code and a culture - Please email us your order number, or receipt from where you purchased it.


Shipment Issues:

If you unfortunately have a broken item and would like it replaced - Please email us a picture of your broken item, along with your order number.

If your package has not shown up, or you would like your tracking number - Please email us your full name and order number.


Brewing Information:

If you are suspect of your SCOBY, DONT throw it out! Most of the time it's probably ok, they are just strange by nature. - Please send us a photo of your culture as it is the only way we can properly diagnose an issue. If your photo is a great example, we may use it on our website (let us know if this is not ok in your email and we will not consider it).

If you have thrown out your culture before consulting us, we will not refund you, as it is clearly stated on our kits as well as Terms & Conditions to contact us first if you have any questions.

If you have misplaced or need a copy of our latest brewing instructions, please check here:


1/2-Gallon (for Basic Home Brew Kit) Instructions

Jun kit Instructions

Ceramic Crock Instructions

For Super Kits or One-Gallon batches, you can double up on the Basic Home Brew Kit Instructions.



If would like to return an item, please state your reason and include your order number, paypal user ID (if you paid with PP), the item(s) and their quantity,

Please be aware that we reserve the right to refuse returns after 30 days from purchase, as stated in our Terms & Conditions.


For any of the below inquiries, please email the given address:

Wholesale Kits and Brewing Supplies :

Keg and Bottle Distribution :

Eventspace Rental / Inquiries :


Our hours of service are 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday, please feel free to call and one of our staff will happily assisty you.


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