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    Kombucha Brooklyn
    906 State Route 28, Kingston, NY 12401


    Hours of Operation: 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday

    Customer Service Phone No. (917) 261 - 3011

    Customer Service Email: info@kombuchabrooklyn.com

For any of the below inquiries, please email the given address:

Wholesale Kits and Brewing Supplies : brewwholesale@kombuchabrooklyn.com

Keg and Bottle Distribution : liquiddistribution@kombuchabrooklyn.com

Eventspace Rental / Inquiries : events@kombuchabrooklyn.com

 If your SCOBY redemption code is not working - Please email us your full name and address, along with your redemption code, this way we can process your shipment ASAP.


If you unfortunately have a broken item and would like it replaced - Please email us directly at info@kombuchabrooklyn.com with a picture of your broken item, along with your order number.

If you believe your SCOBY is unhealthy, DONT throw it out! Most of the time it's probably ok, they are just strange by nature. Please send us a photo of your culture as it is the only way we can properly diagnose an issue. If you have thrown out your culture before consulting us, we will not refund you, as it is clearly stated on our kits as well as Terms & Conditions.

Give us a shout! Use the email form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  ~ Cheers! Team KBBK.

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