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2 Gallon Ceramic Crock


You've got a few 1-gallon brews under your belt, but sure could go for doubling your weekly production. The 2-gallon brew crock is just your size. This will fill (8) of our 32-oz growlers. One easy-to-clean vessel, a step up to the next level - one love for the 'buch. Made in the USA specially for KBBK. Dimensions: 9"H x 9-3/4" dia.


Customer Reviews (4)

Great Crock-Heavy is Good. Review by Hawksnst
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I love my Crock! This is made the old fashioned way. Pottery anywhere your brew can touch. This means you don't get the cool spixket at the bottom like you do with your $5 Walmart gallon, but it also means your booch isn't fermenting against Chinese glass and that little bit of plastic, made from chemicals, that you're trying to ignore.

Plus, crockery means better temp stability than glass for your brew. Slight deviations in house temp will take longer to get to your ferment, because of the thickness of the pottedy compared to glass.

Yes it's heavy. But that's a really good thing. It makes for a more consistent process and an all around happier scoby. She likes dark-yet another benefit of crockery to glass.

I bought two-one for the booch and one for the half sour pickles. Couldn't resist! (Posted on 6/6/2016)
Sturdy little buddyReview by Jamie
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This guy gets the job done. Much prefer brewing in the crock over any other vessel. Far superior to glass. This puppy gets pretty darn heavy when it's full, so I need to call in back-up for my noodle arms (this also makes my boyfriend feel strong and needed, so it's a win-win). 5/5 would buy again if I had to (but it's so sturdy that I'm not likely to need another). (Posted on 5/12/2016)
Love itReview by Clarissa
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I graduated from the one gallon glass bottle to this two gallon crock because I simply needed more buch! Two gallons is perfect for one person if you harvest every two weeks. Also, this jar is aesthetically pleasing because you can't see the SCOBY. You see, I love my little SCOBY - I think she's pretty in some weird sick way, but when company would come over... I had a few freakouts - "wtf!!! You are going to drink that stuff with that thing floating in it?"

Now I just keep 'er underwraps with this...
(Posted on 12/2/2014)
Outstanding brew vessel, just remember its heavyReview by kcal63
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A very easy to use and clean brew vessel that is also sturdy enough that you don't have to worry about bumping it. It is quite heavy when filled though so pick a spot where it wont have to be moved far after floating your scoby. (Posted on 4/27/2014)

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