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Kombucha Cocktails - An Untapped Nexus

 by Billy Stewart


We find ourselves in an interesting period of time. A time where information has become so prevalent that its inflated value is close to 0. The gap has been exponentially widening between information, knowledge and wisdom.


As a result, many of us find ourselves turning to old traditions. Things that have survived the test of time. And thanks to this surge in information, once-lost processes are being reclaimed, dusted off and thrown into a new sea. And to float, it must be inflated with an air of enchantment, meaning, purpose.

 Kombucha cocktail

What gets my oars rowing is consumable goods. I want to travel to distant lands with my palate, on the sails of fermentation, unlocking compounds hidden beneath the surface.


Where so much is not real, I need something that I can taste, smell, feel, and vice versa. It should tell a story of the way things used to be; or the way things could still be, yet never were. I want to heighten my senses, and alter my perception. I am looking to experience a symphony of ethereal flavor.


This is a call to those who craft such tangible commodities. People who have devoted a large portion of their professional life (discovered their vocation) to making something real, whether used for pleasure or health. But in my mind, that is a fine line not worth debating. Instead I would like to marry the two with Reverse Toxmosis. Change the future, because it is nothing; as it has not yet occurred. I cannot do it for you, but I will provide the platform. Kombucha cocktails. So backwards that it is upside down.


Reverse Toxmosis


4 oz straight up

4 oz Kølsh


mix, sip, repeat




4 oz straight up

4 oz gaffel kolsh

2 oz kombucha breath of fire

salt rim

lime garnish


rim, blend, garnish, sip at your own risk


Jasmine Margarita


2 oz tequila

1 oz triple sec

½ oz simple syrup

3 oz Jasmine Green Kombucha

salt rim (optional)

lime garnish


a low calorie, delicious alternative to traditional margaritas

You will be asking your local bartender for Kombucha in all of your Margaritas


Hail Mary


2 oz tequila

2 oz kombucha breath of fire

4 oz McClure’s Bloody Mary Mix

kombucha vinegar pickled veg garnish

*please enjoy all alcoholic cocktails at your own risk

Non Alcoholic options




muddled mint, simple syrup, and lime zest

6 oz Jasmine Green Kombucha

strained over crushed ice

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