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Kombucha! The Amazing Probiotic Tea That Cleanses, Heals, Energizes and Detoxifies


Kombucha! Kombucha! will be released on November 5


Our book has arrived and it is gorgeous! The colors, the drawings, the little section-header designs, the tiny Penguin-Avery icon on the spine, the foreword by Brendan Brazier…we are ecstatic. We will be shipping the pre-orders on Tuesday so the wait is almost over! And we’ll be partying like it’s our book party…oh wait, IT IS OUR BOOK PARTY! Nov. 9 – Book Court in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. Come taste some kombucha kocktails and get your copy signed!


Now let’s crack open a copy and see what’s inside. First, you’ll find a warm welcome into the healthy, energetic and inspired lifestyle of kombucha. In the intro, we share our personal stories with ‘buch and the story of our company and we give you a little map about what to expect in upcoming chapters.


In Chapter 1, we answer all of the subquestions to the million dollar question:  “What Exactly Is Kombucha?” Questions like what’s in it, how much should I drink and where did it come from are answered in this section.


Then, we get brewing! The next 4 chapters take an in-depth look at ingredients and materials and we go through the entire brewing and bottling process step-by-step. We even cover a wide variety of tried-and-true flavor combos that we think are spectacular!


After we’ve brewed our ‘buch, what do we do with it? Well, you know you can drink kombucha, but did you know you can eat it too? Did you know you can detox while you toxify by mixing it up in your favorite kocktails? And lastly, learn all about how to use kombucha is beauty treatments so you glow on the outside like you do on the inside. The last three chapters of our book cover the multifarious nature of our favorite detox beverage. The Daily News recently photographed and wrote up some of our 'buch recipes here.


Kombucha! Book Release Party November 9 @ Book Court in Brooklyn Come out and hang with the KBBK crew, meet the authors, and share a toast!

After all of that, we send you off as ‘buch brigadiers to spread the word about kombucha and Kombucha Brooklyn. Be prepared to feel empowered. Be prepared to feel the love. Be prepared to LIVE, SIP, THRIVE!


Table of Contents:


Foreward by Brendan Brazier

Introduction: Kombucha Your New Hot Roommate

I.            What Exactly Is Kombucha?

II.           The Kombuchman’s Grimoire: Essential Hardware And Tools

III.         ‘Buch Kamp I: Brewing and Fermentation

IV.         ‘Buch Kamp II: Bottling and Secondary Fermentation

V.           ‘Buch Kamp II: A Higher Level of Taste and Knowledge

VI.          Dining On Kombucha and SCOBYs

VII.         Kombucha Kocktails

VIII.        Kosmetics and Kombeauty


Reserve your copy at AmazonBarnes & NobleBooks-A-Million, IndieBound, or iTunes!


Kombucha-ly yours,

Jessica Childs

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