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  • Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale!

    Brewing kombucha reminds us to find and appreciate our center. You can brew healthy, probiotic-rich kombucha that rivals your favorite store-bought drinks in just a week; you can share cultures, brews and stories, all in the comfort of your own home.


    So, in the spirit of the season, load up on brew supplies for yourself, friends and family, get everyone brewing, and see who can make the best kombucha around!


    The Details:

    • 10% off everything on our site
    • Purchases of $75+ receive a FREE tin of special edition 'buch brewing tea (Holy Diver)
    Holy Diver
    • Purchases of $100+ receive a FREE Signed copy of Kombucha! book
    • Purchases of $200+ receive a FREE copy of Kombucha! book and KBBK t-shirt
    *Each free item comes at each price level and accumulates. $200+ means you get 3 FREE items.
  • Kombucha Brooklyn Community

    By Kim M.


    In my short time at KBBK I have been impressed with the strong sense of community there is here.  I am interested in nurturing those relationships and furthering the reach of our community to include an even wider array of wonderfully talented people and amazing companies to become part of the Kombucha Brooklyn family.  We have added Rolling Press, a fabulous Brooklyn-based, eco-friendly printer, who printed our beautiful book party invites and valued customer cards.  Not to mention the lovely people at Book Court who hosted our book launch and made it an evening to remember.

    Kombucha! Launch event at Book Court Kombucha! Launch event at Book Court

    The after party was amazing and wouldn't have been possible without the generosity of our good friends at 61 Local, thank you!!!


    KBBK After-party at 61 Local After-party at 61 Local

    We are also very excited about the start of our monthly in-house yoga sessions, taught by the fabulous Ms. Jessa Messina, founder of Yoga for the Average Jo.


    Yoga at KBBK Yoga at KBBK

    And last but not least we are thankful for the strong ties we have right here at home in the Pfizer building where we host our monthly happy hour (1st Tuesday monthly, come one come all!).


    Happy Hour at KBBK Happy Hour at KBBK
  • Kombucha Brooklyn 12-oz. - Introduction


    5 new bottles
    Our 5 new bottles are USDA organic and Orthodox Union-certified kosher

    Let me introduce you to the new KBBK 12-oz. - the future of kombucha on the go. This line of bottles represents everything we have learned in the last 5 years of commercial brewing. They are the smoothest, most delicious bottles we have ever made, but are also the most potent. I’ve never experienced enjoyment from a bottle of kombucha along with an intense kombucha rush as much as I do with these. Finally, easy-drinking, potent ‘buch!


    Many kombucha drinkers believe that sour = power.


    This is not the case. In fact, it is at the core of why Kombucha Brooklyn was formed. We wanted to give people a bottle of kombucha that would provide all the health benefits loved by enthusiasts in a brew that was both easy and enjoyable to drink.


    Over the years, our bottles have varied in flavor - but our new production methods are yielding consistent kombucha every time. Think of it as the kombucha you can count on.


    Along with the improvements inside bottle, the look has also changed. You might think our bottles look more like a soda than a bottle of ‘buch. Well, you’re right! What better way is there to get the average soda drinker to pick up a bottle of ‘buch than to make it familiar to them?


    Regarding our new bottles, we welcome the feedback and the conversation. If you still can't find the kombucha you're looking for, I recommend getting our home brew kit. What a perfect way to get the ‘buch your palate desires!


    Bottom line, we want the world to be drinking kombucha. We believe that presenting it in an approachable way will accomplish this. Help us replace all of those sugary drinks out there by requesting our line at your local store, sharing a bottle with a friend, or simply sharing this post. Join Kombucha Brooklyn in the revolution for drinkable kombucha. Drink the revolution! To your health,



  • Kombucha Cocktails - An Untapped Nexus

     by Billy Stewart


    We find ourselves in an interesting period of time. A time where information has become so prevalent that its inflated value is close to 0. The gap has been exponentially widening between information, knowledge and wisdom.


    As a result, many of us find ourselves turning to old traditions. Things that have survived the test of time. And thanks to this surge in information, once-lost processes are being reclaimed, dusted off and thrown into a new sea. And to float, it must be inflated with an air of enchantment, meaning, purpose.

     Kombucha cocktail

    What gets my oars rowing is consumable goods. I want to travel to distant lands with my palate, on the sails of fermentation, unlocking compounds hidden beneath the surface.


    Where so much is not real, I need something that I can taste, smell, feel, and vice versa. It should tell a story of the way things used to be; or the way things could still be, yet never were. I want to heighten my senses, and alter my perception. I am looking to experience a symphony of ethereal flavor.


    This is a call to those who craft such tangible commodities. People who have devoted a large portion of their professional life (discovered their vocation) to making something real, whether used for pleasure or health. But in my mind, that is a fine line not worth debating. Instead I would like to marry the two with Reverse Toxmosis. Change the future, because it is nothing; as it has not yet occurred. I cannot do it for you, but I will provide the platform. Kombucha cocktails. So backwards that it is upside down.


    Reverse Toxmosis


    4 oz straight up

    4 oz Kølsh


    mix, sip, repeat




    4 oz straight up

    4 oz gaffel kolsh

    2 oz kombucha breath of fire

    salt rim

    lime garnish


    rim, blend, garnish, sip at your own risk


    Jasmine Margarita


    2 oz tequila

    1 oz triple sec

    ½ oz simple syrup

    3 oz Jasmine Green Kombucha

    salt rim (optional)

    lime garnish


    a low calorie, delicious alternative to traditional margaritas

    You will be asking your local bartender for Kombucha in all of your Margaritas


    Hail Mary


    2 oz tequila

    2 oz kombucha breath of fire

    4 oz McClure’s Bloody Mary Mix

    kombucha vinegar pickled veg garnish

    *please enjoy all alcoholic cocktails at your own risk

    Non Alcoholic options




    muddled mint, simple syrup, and lime zest

    6 oz Jasmine Green Kombucha

    strained over crushed ice

  • Kombucha! The Amazing Probiotic Tea That Cleanses, Heals, Energizes and Detoxifies


    Kombucha! Kombucha! will be released on November 5


    Our book has arrived and it is gorgeous! The colors, the drawings, the little section-header designs, the tiny Penguin-Avery icon on the spine, the foreword by Brendan Brazier…we are ecstatic. We will be shipping the pre-orders on Tuesday so the wait is almost over! And we’ll be partying like it’s our book party…oh wait, IT IS OUR BOOK PARTY! Nov. 9 – Book Court in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. Come taste some kombucha kocktails and get your copy signed!


    Now let’s crack open a copy and see what’s inside. First, you’ll find a warm welcome into the healthy, energetic and inspired lifestyle of kombucha. In the intro, we share our personal stories with ‘buch and the story of our company and we give you a little map about what to expect in upcoming chapters.


    In Chapter 1, we answer all of the subquestions to the million dollar question:  “What Exactly Is Kombucha?” Questions like what’s in it, how much should I drink and where did it come from are answered in this section.


    Then, we get brewing! The next 4 chapters take an in-depth look at ingredients and materials and we go through the entire brewing and bottling process step-by-step. We even cover a wide variety of tried-and-true flavor combos that we think are spectacular!


    After we’ve brewed our ‘buch, what do we do with it? Well, you know you can drink kombucha, but did you know you can eat it too? Did you know you can detox while you toxify by mixing it up in your favorite kocktails? And lastly, learn all about how to use kombucha is beauty treatments so you glow on the outside like you do on the inside. The last three chapters of our book cover the multifarious nature of our favorite detox beverage. The Daily News recently photographed and wrote up some of our 'buch recipes here.


    Kombucha! Book Release Party November 9 @ Book Court in Brooklyn Come out and hang with the KBBK crew, meet the authors, and share a toast!

    After all of that, we send you off as ‘buch brigadiers to spread the word about kombucha and Kombucha Brooklyn. Be prepared to feel empowered. Be prepared to feel the love. Be prepared to LIVE, SIP, THRIVE!


    Table of Contents:


    Foreward by Brendan Brazier

    Introduction: Kombucha Your New Hot Roommate

    I.            What Exactly Is Kombucha?

    II.           The Kombuchman’s Grimoire: Essential Hardware And Tools

    III.         ‘Buch Kamp I: Brewing and Fermentation

    IV.         ‘Buch Kamp II: Bottling and Secondary Fermentation

    V.           ‘Buch Kamp II: A Higher Level of Taste and Knowledge

    VI.          Dining On Kombucha and SCOBYs

    VII.         Kombucha Kocktails

    VIII.        Kosmetics and Kombeauty


    Reserve your copy at AmazonBarnes & NobleBooks-A-Million, IndieBound, or iTunes!


    Kombucha-ly yours,

    Jessica Childs

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