About KBBK

Kombucha Brooklyn Who We Are

Kombucha Brooklyn (KBBK) nourishes the body and mind with healthful and delicious probiotic tea.  Using recipes created in one of the most dynamic food-cultures in the world, we make this “health drink” a world-class beverage suitable for the most discerning palate.

KBBK was started in 2009 when we rolled out with 3 flavors of kombucha in 16-oz bottles to a handful of stores in Brooklyn. Over the years we built the Kombucha On Tap program that now has over 50 tap locations in NYC, as well as a complete line of Home Brew Supplies available at brick-and-mortar and virtual stores worldwide.

Our company is headed by the “Mom-and-Pop” team of Jessica and Eric Childs. With decades of combined fermentation experience, the Childses are positioning themselves as the authority on Kombucha with the release of their first major publication titled KOMBUCHA!

In this book you will learn how to make awesome-tasting and robust kombucha at home. And then…you will learn how to cook with it, make cocktails with it, and even create kombucha beauty products! At KBBK, we are committed to building a business that is good for you, good for us, good for the planet, good for our economy and good for our community.

  • We source as many ingredients as possible from fair trade, organic and local sources; all of the teas and sugars we use in our bottles and kegs are organic and fair trade
  • We use compostable plastics and recyclable glasswares
  • We support community initiatives for sustainable environmental actions
  • We support athletics in our community for kids and adults
  • We support organizations dedicated to improving health