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    Questions about mold or other brewing issues? Click above to learn more about your brew!

  • Kombucha!

    The complete guide to kombucha - the wildly popular pro-biotic tea, written by KBBK founders Eric and Jessica Childs

  • KBBK's 12oz bottles

    Five different bottle flavors and a wide and ever changing variety of flavored kegs. Both available to wholesale accounts in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic

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    An open-door learning space to educate the new and the experienced

  • Who we are

    Kombucha Brooklyn (KBBK) nourishes the body and mind with healthful and delicious probiotic tea.

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    Every kombucha begins with tea. Open up yours to all of the possibilities tea has to offer.

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    Bulk kombucha at its best. All the wonderful ‘buch without the packaging waste.


Kombucha Blog

Get Your Tap On

   Our keg program has always been a favorite of mine.  The idea of a refillable, reusable option in a world so dominated by single use is good. Yin and Yang. Balance.  Its what makes the world an ok place to live.   Kombucha on tap is n...


On Buchina; KBBK's 4,000 lbs of Good Karma

Written by Jon Lane, Demogod   So, amidst all the talk about the finer points of home brewing, and minuscule details of fine tea that I can’t even fully wrap my brain or my palate around, I’m gonna break from the course, a bit. Now seems lik...


Re-Thinking Kombucha Flavoring, pt. 2: Pu-erh, Caviar of Teas

  In Part 1, I discussed the use of teas alone as a basic and powerful method of kombucha flavoring. Now, I'd like to take a look at one variety of tea that often gets overlooked in the West...   Among the most alluring aspects of tea is it...


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