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Kombucha Culture

Top Kombucha Brewing Questions Answered

  There are a few things about kombucha that may keep people from achieving total brewing mastery, which is why we've compiled a list of the top kombucha brewing questions we receive.   Is this mold?   The most frequently asked ques...


Bamboo and Ceramic-Aged Pu-Erhs

  Rare and Limited Offerings from KBBK's Premium Tea Collection   We're pleased to now offer two new and exotic styles of pu-erh! For a limited time, rare bamboo and ceramic-aged pu-erhs will be featured on our site for your kombucha bre...


Kombucha Tea and Herb Guide

  For brewers new and experienced, use this kombucha tea and herb guide to jump off the tea bag bandwagon and into the world of loose leaf! Loose leaf teas are, across the board, of a much higher quality than those that come in tea bags. And be ...


Simple Ways to Keep Your Kombucha Brew Warm

  Warmth is essential to the kombucha process, and there are many simple ways to keep your kombucha brew warm. It will ensure that your brew stays healthy, producing acids that lower the pH to fend off mold. But it will also ensure that you're a...


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