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Kombucha Culture

Choosing a Brewing Vessel

  While it's easy to brew kombucha in pretty much any container, it's an important decision to choose the best vessel you can find. Choosing a brewing vessel can make a huge difference in the quality, and of course quantity, of your kombucha br...


From Urban to Ulster: KBBK Has Found Peace and Quiet

    Well, we've done it! KBBK has completely relocated to the beautiful Catskill mountains, on the outskirts of Kingston, NY. KBBK has found peace and quiet. While we miss the busy night life, bodega sandwiches, nearly effortless transport...


Exciting News!

  Exciting News! We are moving! We have made a lot of changes over the last 12 months to better suit our personal and professional goals. In November, we halted production of our 12-oz bottle line. This decision was carefully considered. After y...


White Tea Kombucha - A Regal Treat

    For a long time, white tea was a complete mystery to me. To make a distinction between a white and a green tea was like comparing apples... to apples. But with a little investigation, a Silver Needle Tea-off at Tea-Drunk, and a lot of...


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