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    Every kombucha begins with tea. Open up yours to all of the possibilities tea has to offer.

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    Questions about mold or other brewing issues? Click above to learn more about your brew!

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    The complete guide to kombucha - the wildly popular pro-biotic tea, written by KBBK founders Eric and Jessica Childs

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    Kombucha Brooklyn (KBBK) nourishes the body and mind with healthful and delicious probiotic tea.

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    Bulk kombucha at its best. All the wonderful ‘buch without the packaging waste.


Kombucha Culture

Making Coffee Kombucha - Not Wrong, Just Not Right

  Long speculated upon and feared even in anecdotes, a week ago I had the perfect opportunity to embark upon the storied nostrum that is... komffee? Coffbucha? Joebucha? Coffee kombucha. Perfect...   Making coffee kombucha; after 6 days o...


KBBK Work Culture, pt. 1 - Field Trips and Office Life

KBBK on Fire Island   Our lives are split in to two areas, work life and home life. The gap between these two areas is usually large. Most of us can’t wait until Friday comes along because it brings a weekend of self-guidance on what we do an...


Caffeine and Kombucha, pt. 2 - Brewing Kombucha with High Caffeine

  Guayusa and Yerba Mate, while not technically tea, are both traditionally consumed from a gourd If you've been following our blog series, you may have read my post about the highly energizing yerba mate. It's a tasty herb that makes excellent...


'Buch on Tap July 2014

  Some quick updates from our 'Buch on Tap program -   After a long drought, Jasmine is back! There was a short lapse in El Jefe, but it is available again. In collaboration with Gotham Greens, Watermelon is being reinvented - the ne...


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