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Kombucha Culture

Kombucha Cyber Monday

  Kombucha Cyber Monday is on!  Get 10% on your order now until midnight Monday.   Stay put on this special day and check some names off your gift list. Meditate on digesting and sip some 'buch to help you reboot.   Need inspiration...


Holiday Kombucha Gift Packages and Specials

  The holidays are here and Kombucha Brooklyn has you covered. We’ve put together nine special holiday gift packages that we think will fit anyone’s budget and needs. From the new brewer to pro brewer you’ll find something here for your l...


Home Brewing Kombucha: Think Outside the Box

  There's a lot of focus these days on bottle flavoring and carbonating of kombucha. Especially for those interested in home brewing kombucha, the simple reality is that most people got their start in 'buch through trying store-bought kombucha, m...


Fresh SCOBY vs Dehydrated SCOBY, a Brewer's Comparison

If you're a brewer or kombucha follower, you may have heard about reanimating a dried SCOBY from dormancy to start a new brew. I've been curious, and having seen some dehydrated cultures available on the internet, I wanted to try it out. I bought a...


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