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Why We Never Use Dehydrated SCOBY

  We receive quite a few emails regarding SCOBY health, and as a result an immense number of images and stories about home brews all over the world. The most common message we receive is on the topic of mold speculation and brew failure. Af.. .


Succession and Why We NEVER Continuous Brew

A Common Problem : My Kombucha tastes like vinegar. or My kombucha ferments so fast I can't control it. Time and time again, it is because they were trying the continuous brew method. Sometimes they only continuous brewed for a few weeks before no.. .


Science vs. the Kombucha Mythos

    Most kombucha brewers are aware, to an extent, of the prevalence of hearsay and unfounded rhetoric surrounding every facet of the kombucha experience. The ongoing conversations are what fuels, to a great extent, the content of this .. .


The Kombucha SCOBY Demystified

Sinking, Floating, and Fusing   To the un-initiated, the orientation of the kombucha SCOBY can be a mystifying ponderance. Shouldn't it float at the top? If it sinks, will the brew fail? The answers really are much more of an indifferen.. .